Boys Basketball Camps

The US Sports Boys Basketball Camps are a great place for any young basketball player who is looking to improve his skills, work hard, make new friends and have fun!

Campers at every US Sports Basketball Camp will develop all of their basketball skills - shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defense.

A US Sports Basketball Camp immerses you in the sport, giving you the kind of focused, intensive training that is essential to improvement.  Over the course of the 30-hour camp, your self-confidence will grow along with your skills and overall appreciation of the game.

Why You'll Love Camp

  • SKILL LEVELS - We welcome players of all ability levels at our camps. Once in camp, each camper will be personally evaluated and placed into a group with other players of similar age and abilities. Our 3 groups are:
    • I - For boys ready to learn and improve their fundamentals and begin playing on a team.     
    • II -Pre-high school age boys who have learned the fundamentals and are interested in playing at the high school level.   
    • III - For high school-age boys who want to improve their skills, learn how to play a better team game and increase their contribution to the varsity or junior varsity squad.
      SUPERVISION - The staff lives on campus and provides 24 hour supervision of all campers.
  • STAFF - The US Sports Camp staff includes many of the most respected coaches and players in the sport.  The director personally hires and trains the camp staff.   They observe and instruct each player every day.  Our professionally trained staffs are friendly, enthusiastic and committed to the well being of each camper.
  • IMPROVEMENT - You will improve more than you ever thought possible at camp!  With a low camper to staff ratio and five hours on court every day, there is no better place to improve than at a US Sports Camp!

Camp Highlights

  • Official US Sports Camp T-shirt                                
  • US Sports Camp basketball                                  
  • Personal, written evaluation                                  
  • US Sports Camp yearbook                                  
  • Prizes and awards for outstanding play, sportsmanship and improvement                                  
  • Resident campers will receive all meals and housing                                  
  • Extended day campers will receive lunch and dinner                                  
  • Day Campers will receive lunch (unless otherwise noted)

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