Sharp Lab Corporation is an established research and development company for those hard to find vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritionals. From our two office locations in Massachsetts and Florida to our parent manufacturing facility in New Jersey, we serve the rapidly growing nutritional supplement marketplace in the U.S. and around the world. We are committed to providing the most modern and innovative products of the highest quality supported by our broad knowledge of the industry. See the latest in our famous health and fitness supplements below!

Show Tech - One of our best selling supplements. Powerful muscle growth and enhancement without steroid dangers. Muscle growth 100% guaranteed! Perfect for use with our high grade creatine "CreaBlast" capsules!
CreaBlast - Super high grade creatine supplement that has made waves in the bodybuilding and weight training industry. Strongest creatine we have offered with superior micronized perfomance!
Growth Booster - Natural growth hormone stimulant for accelerated human growth. Proven growth enhancer! Maximize your growth metabolism and strengthen your bones today!
L.A. Diet Plan - Super diet program AS SEEN ON TV! Scientifically formulated and fortified with all the lates herbal weight loss successful ingredients.
Cell Protect - Supplement your diet with our special antioxidant blend! Watch for our new and even more powerful antixodant formula being released soon with flaxseed oils, pure garlic powder strains and more!
Colon Complete 3000 - Colon formula that competes with the best of them!
Prostate Complete 3000 - The prostate formula that exceeds the recommended prostate nutrient intakes!
Your In The Clear - Our strongest toxin flushing agent yet. Removes detectable toxins fast and simple! Number one for drug tests!
Jump Science - A high energy advanced formula and program for ultimate leg strengthening. Learn to jump higher with Jump Science!
Jack And His Beanstalk - A natural alternative to expensive Viagra. Male enlargement that perfoms with anything! Thousands sold and satisfied!
Doc Feel Good - Our very popular male sex enhancer formula to help with orgasms and low sex drive!
Bust Builder - Our version of the alternative to breast implants. Natural breast enhancement that works!

Sharp Labs Corporation consists of three marketing divisions:

Bio-Nutrient Products Division - Research and marketing of Bottled Nutritional Supplements under our own label or the customer's private label.
Products Division - Marketing of Custom Manufactured Supplements
International Division - Export of Nutritional Supplements

All Sharp Labs Inc. formulations are produced in a state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot building in New Jersey under strict USFDA control. All development phases are handled in the plant including modern weighing balances, powder blenders, granulators, tablet compressing machines, capsule filling machines, and coating pans can be seen in operation every day. Each machine operates in isolation in it's own room equipped with air exchange, positive air pressure, and centralized dust collection. An experienced production staff keeps thorough records of every step of every operation on a batch by batch basis. Our broad variety of packaging equipment can efficiently deal with either long or short runs. Our seasoned shipping department assures that products get to our customers safely without breakage, on time, and at the best possible price. Checking every step of the way is our Quality Control Department which always exceeds the appropriate government mandated procedures.


Tablets - Coated or Uncoated
Two-Piece Hard shell Capsules
Soft Elastic Capsules (Softgels/Gel caps)
Powders - In Cans or Bottles
Chewable Tablets
Timed Release Tablets


Vitamins - Individual or Multiple Combinations
Minerals - Regular or Chelated
Herbs - Whole Plant or Standardized Extracts
Amino Acids - Free Form or Hydrolyzed Protein Form
Other Food Supplements - Broad Selection
Weight Loss or Weight Gain Formulations
Sports Nutrition Supplements
Condition Oriented Formulations
Pet Products

Full Nutritional Labeling Analyses Include With All Formuations:

The following list comprises factors which make up analytical data concerning a product's nutritional value, the factors listed indicate those required for a Full Nutritional Label.

Moisture Sodium
Protein Vitamin A
Fat Vitamin C
Ash Sugars
Calories Dietary Fiber
Carbohydrates Calcium
Iron Cholesterol Analysis
Polyunsturated Fat Monounsaturated Fat
Saturated Fat


Getting started and contact procedure: Contact the laboratory by e-mail and be sure to include the following details.

Description of the food product to be analyzed.
Description of serving size.
Determination of methods to be employed.
Number of samples and number of analytes to be determined.

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